Jade - 20 - Perth - Straight

My biceps are huge….kiss me 😘😘
Poor effort
Wearing little to no make up always makes me feel hella pretty and natural πŸ‘Œ
Everyday I feel fitter,everyday I feel better. I am proud of my progress no matter how slow it is! 
Finally I can wear my jeans and sneakers.
Still humid as fk tho
Tryna be sophisticated and shit
I selfie too much
The best thing to wake up to after a night I don’t remember is …. My eyebrows looking thick as fk and solid πŸ™Œ
It’s all about the flowers today
Today I decorated my sunnies. 
I feel happy
I felt very blegh today,but I wore a dress WITH polka dots so it’s ok ☺️
Two tone skin colour reppn’
Last night was a real eye opener. 
Not the best eye opener but hey! 
And I wore the same dress twice in one week. Yay😣
I will give you another selfie! Before I got totally dranked and I don’t even care !!